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– April 2015 – A Driving Force In Value Engineering


Strategic Account Manager – “Service Improvement”

We continually enhance our service offering to respond to market trends and customer demands. We identified the need to increase our response rate to support our growing customer base. To ensure we deliver products within our customers’ required timescales, we allocate a key manager to each of our strategic customers.

Dedicated customer focus:

Every account manager is responsible for ensuring all client requests are met in a cost effective and timely manner, managing the project effectively from conception to production and beyond.

The account manager provides a single point of contact for the customer. The customer is able to contact its account manager to help with any issues, knowing they have the support of a global team ready to help.

Strong business relationships are maintained by the account managers who ensure they respond rapidly to customer requirements, provide cost benefits and achieve full satisfaction at all times.

We have received a positive response to our account management service. Our customers like having one point of contact and feel assured they will receive the highest level of service every time they call to place or discuss an order.


Industrial Vehicle Application – Cost Saving (VAVE) Exercise

shutterstock_24922471Hayakawa UK continually seeks to identify the most cost-effective solutions for its clients. We evaluated and adapted elements of our manufacturing process to provide significant cost savings for a key customer.

Following an in-depth analysis of our supply chain, we carried out a VAVE cost saving exercise to significantly reduce our customer’s costs.

VAVE, Value Analysis and Value Engineering, is an efficient decision making tool that can be applied to a wide variety of applications to establish alternative solutions to secure essential functions in a cost effective manner.

Driving innovation:

From our analysis, we were able to identify four key areas where we could save money for our customer:

1. Removal of unnecessary components: the historical design of harnesses meant that certain features were no longer required for the latest versions of equipment.

  • Saving Identified:  £0.31 per harness
  • Over 2000 per year = £620 PA

2. Downsize specialist components: we switched Unit Rated to IP69 and changed to derated version.

  • Saving Identified: £0.68
  • Over 600 per year = £408 PA

3. Delete unnecessary harnesses: we added length to existing harnesses, thus deleting the connections between the extension cable.

  • Saving Identified: £0.61
  • Over 11,500 per year + £7015 PA

4. Switch to an alternative connector.

  • Savings Identified: £0.15
  • Over 11,500 per year = £1,725 PA

Total Saving: £9768 per year

Our customer was very happy with the amount we were able to save on its harnessing solutions. The Operations Director commented, “We were already happy with Hayakawa’s service and deliverables but when they pro-actively informed us they could save us further costs, I was understandably delighted. This is just one example why we see Hayakawa as a key supplier in our supply chain and look forward to a long and profitable business relationship for many years to come.”


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