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The automotive wiring harness market size was valued at USD 48.42 billion in 2017, expanding at a CAGR of 6.2%. Increasing integration of electronic devices into vehicles in order to provide enhanced safety features has positively influenced market growth. Employing these systems in a vehicle offers numerous benefits such as improved fuel efficiency, enhanced performance, and low probability of electrical shortage.

Hayakawa Market


Sale of automotive wiring harnesses is directly proportional to increased manufacturing of vehicles. Factors such as rising disposable income, increased government initiatives such as Make in India, and prevailing low labour cost in countries such as China and India have led to increased manufacturing of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in developing economies. This, in turn, is driving sales of automotive wiring harnesses.

Automotive wiring harnesses find application in chassis for various components such as fog lamps, headlamps, infotainment systems, fuel flaps, and turn indicators. Therefore, the chassis segment accounted for over 30.0% of the overall market in 2017 and is expected to develop at a considerable growth rate from 2018 to 2025.


The global automotive wiring harness market accounted to US$ 47.08 Bn in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.27% during the forecast period 2019 – 2027, to account to US$ 68.18 Bn by 2027. It is believed that there are more than a billion cars are on the road worldwide. Also, people have been keen on keeping cars for a longer time with them than ever before and therefore, the expenditures on the aesthetics and design of vehicles are expected to be more than ever before.

Previously, automotive wiring harness was considered to be the most overlooked suspension components in the passenger cars. However, gaining importance for fuel efficiencies while driving and surging demands for smoother rides have translated into healthy growth for wire harness products in the passenger cars.

Industry Experts Predictions

Global analysts Technavio are predicting that the international cable assembly market is set for a period of strong, steady growth; growing at a compound annual growth rate of 9.15% between 2014-2019.

automotive graph

Currently, the automotive wiring harness market is experiencing a steady growth that is attributed to numerous factors. The most significant factors that have impacted the growth of this industry are more disposable incomes with consumers and consequently the number of passenger cars on the roads; poor condition of roads in the developing and the underdeveloped economies and the parallel advancements made in the consumer products industry. Over the years, the automobile industry has experienced occasional highs and lows as a result of the changes in the economy, weather conditions, and the interest from new investors. The consumer spending on automotive components and other allied accessories have changed drastically that present significant opportunities to the businesses today.

The automotive industry utilises wire harnesses like no other. As electrical links connecting various components in an automobile, automotive wire harnesses are indispensable to automobiles, whether that’s cars, trucks, motorbikes, or anything else! The range and quality of functionalities in modern vehicles are on the rise, and this is bound to expand the demand for automotive harnesses in the industry. Most modern cars have integrated wire harnesses that are more sophisticated than standard wire harnesses.

What are Automotive Wire Harnesses?

An automotive wire harness is an electrical cables assembly that facilitates the transmission of signals in electrical devices. It’s a well-structured unit bundle of conductive wires. As such, it facilitates cross-connections and interactions between various electrical components of an automobile. Automotive wire harnesses are integral parts of a vehicle’s electrical system – and at Hayakawa, we’re specialists in sub-harness wiring and connector applications for a variety of different automotive wire harnesses!


Some facts you may or may not already know….

Wires & Cables Aren’t the Same Thing

This fact may seem pretty obvious, but many people use the terms “wire” and “cable” interchangeably. It’s understandable. Wires and cables are similar in that they carry electricity or signal from one place to another. However, there are a few very important differences.

  • Wires are made up of a strand (or strands) of conductive material like copper and are suitable for a wide range of applications beyond carrying electricity and signal. They are also one of the components that make up a cable.
  • Conversely, a cable is made of two or more conductors that are insulated. They tend to be better protected than wires and are suitable for applications that require more durability.


Auto Graph


  • Saves Time – One of the most important and valuable resources to any production line is time. An entire industry of operational managers has been created specifically to find and correct time inefficiencies in the production line. Rather than having your technicians constantly wrestling with a number of different wires and cables for precious minutes, only to find that he or she has the wrong wires. A custom wiring provider will be able to provide you with a customised option that is bundled for optimum ease of installation.
  • Finally, when one opts for customised wire harnesses the manufacturers can further add lucrative elements otherwise unavailable with general wiring products. Custom sheaths, jacketing, insulation, laser marks and labels, etc. add value to the wiring installation additionally. In more than just one way custom wire harnesses offer additional benefits. Extended guarantee for custom products is also big consideration.

Wondering how Hayakawa can help your automotive industry’s prospects? Contact us today!

Hayakawa UK had a night to remember at the Croes Howell restaurant near Wrexham.

Staff and partners gathered to celebrate Hayakawa enjoying 25 years of business in the UK with a black tie event.

General Manager Devinder Bansal commented, “We wanted to say a big thank you to our staff for all their hard work and dedication. We’ve all had a fantastic evening – great food, great party atmosphere and a big thank you to everyone who has made Hayakawa the success it has become through 25 years of hard work and customer dedication.”


The Mayor of Himeji, Mr Toshikatsu Iwami and his wife, along with a delegation from Japan, visited Hayakawa UK as part of a Japanese tourism promotion of North Wales. They have selected the best twenty Roads in the World; one of these being “Wonder of Castles Road’’, which runs from the south of Wrexham along the North Wales coast.

Mr Takeharu Nakajima, a Welsh Government Representative based in Tokyo, was instrumental in arranging and overseeing the visit.

The Mayor is in North Wales to visit Conwy Castle as it is being twinned with the famous Himeji Castle in Japan, both of which are Unesco World Heritage Sites and on 6th July a ceremony will be held in Conwy.

The twinning of the two castles comes as a result of North Wales tourism building close links with the Japanese tourism industry. As HIUK head office is in Himeji, the Mayor wanted to include this in his visit, as along with promoting tourism, Mr Toshikatsu Iwami’s visit was also to help promote Japanese companies in North Wales.

Whilst visiting HIUK the Mayor planted a Japanese maple tree on the grounds, a tangible symbol of not only Hayakwa’s growth and prosperity, but of the flourishing relationship between North Wales and Japan’s tourism.

Manufacturing and supplying innovative wire harnessing solutions to a vast range of industries since 1964, Llay based HIUK specialises in the bespoke design and manufacture of wiring, cable assemblies and lighting cables.



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