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Automotive Wire Harnesses with Hayakawa

The automotive industry utilises wire harnesses like no other. As electrical links connecting various components in an automobile, automotive wire harnesses are indispensable to automobiles, whether that’s cars, trucks, motorbikes, or anything else! The range and quality of functionalities in modern vehicles are on the rise, and this is bound to expand the demand for automotive harnesses in the industry. Most modern cars have integrated wire harnesses that are more sophisticated than standard wire harnesses.

What are Automotive Wire Harnesses?

An automotive wire harness is an electrical cables assembly that facilitates the transmission of signals in electrical devices. It’s a well-structured unit bundle of conductive wires. As such, it facilitates cross-connections and interactions between various electrical components of an automobile. Automotive wire harnesses are integral parts of a vehicle’s electrical system – and at Hayakawa, we’re specialists in sub-harness wiring and connector applications for a variety of different automotive wire harnesses!


Some facts you may or may not already know….

Wires & Cables Aren’t the Same Thing

This fact may seem pretty obvious, but many people use the terms “wire” and “cable” interchangeably. It’s understandable. Wires and cables are similar in that they carry electricity or signal from one place to another. However, there are a few very important differences.

  • Wires are made up of a strand (or strands) of conductive material like copper and are suitable for a wide range of applications beyond carrying electricity and signal. They are also one of the components that make up a cable.
  • Conversely, a cable is made of two or more conductors that are insulated. They tend to be better protected than wires and are suitable for applications that require more durability.


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  • Saves Time – One of the most important and valuable resources to any production line is time. An entire industry of operational managers has been created specifically to find and correct time inefficiencies in the production line. Rather than having your technicians constantly wrestling with a number of different wires and cables for precious minutes, only to find that he or she has the wrong wires. A custom wiring provider will be able to provide you with a customised option that is bundled for optimum ease of installation.
  • Finally, when one opts for customised wire harnesses the manufacturers can further add lucrative elements otherwise unavailable with general wiring products. Custom sheaths, jacketing, insulation, laser marks and labels, etc. add value to the wiring installation additionally. In more than just one way custom wire harnesses offer additional benefits. Extended guarantee for custom products is also big consideration.

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*Please note we are not an automotive spares provider for individual harnesses.


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